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GM Cars Causing Accidents?

Dougherty & Holloway July 5, 2014

You have your life in your hands every time you get in this car and try to drive it so I’m saying park that thing and get a rental or something, make them accountable for it, make them pay for it,” Michele said, the sister of a woman she believes died  because of issues with the car, a 2008 Chevy Cobalt.

GM had a massive recall after GM had connected at least 16 deaths in cars with ignition problems. This family believes their relative died as a result four days before Christmas when her car went off Interstate 635 and landed onto NW High Drive below. The car was unrecognizable.

“There was no skid marks when it went in the grass, there was nothing. They’re saying now with this ignition switch when it goes off the brakes don’t work, so how would you be able to brake, it makes all the sense in the world,” explained Tasha’s sister Michele Bradford.

Michele has written complaint letters about the car to the Attorney General’s Office and Department of Transportation since 2010.

For more on this incident, watch this: http://bit.ly/1rMQAHJ