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John Dean - Motorcycle Accident Testimonial

John was in a hit and run motorcycle wreck on the interstate. He was riding down the road when a driver cut into his lane and forced him onto the shoulder. John was knocked unconscious, and had various broken bones and lacerations, in addition to a cracked and broken helmet.

Scott & Michelle - Personal Injury Testimonial

In May 2010, the Johnsons went to the school carnival. Their son was playing on inflatables when he lost his balance and fell nearly died. Due to his fall, little Zach needed to be ventilated. He suffered hypoxia, bruised lungs and a fractured skull.

Amy Honeycutt - Medical Malpractice Testimonial

"The wrong medicine caused me to lose my liver." Amy was diagnosed with a latent TB Case. Her medication wasn't properly monitored, which caused acute liver failure. After admittance to hospital, it was determined that she need a liver transplant. The transplant and lawsuit period was a scary time for Amy, but D&H Attorneys made the process very easy for her.