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Being with Ed Dougherty and the law firm of Dougherty & Holloway has been a great experience for me. Due to my accident, in the past ten years I have had several interactions with other attorneys and law firms. This has been by far the best experience and I would recommend this firm to anyone. Ed was able to settle my case in less than six months while keeping me informed throughout the entire process. Ed is very knowledgeable and straightforward; he means what he says and if he doesn’t know something he will let you know. My wife and I both appreciate the respect that we’ve been given by Ed and everyone at the firm. He has truly surrounded himself with a good team who know how to treat others. I have not one bad thing to say about my experience with Ed and the firm, and consider him to be more of my friend than my attorney.

-James Metzler

In May, 2009, I was riding my motorcycle in rural Missouri when I was involved in a head-on collision. A volunteer fire truck crested a hill in my lane and I had no time to react and nowhere to go. I was fortunate to survive, and also fortunate to have Phil Holloway to represent me in the claim for my injuries. He came highly recommended for my type of case, and I was impressed with his knowledge and skill as my lawyer. The case settled several weeks before trial was to begin. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the firm of Dougherty & Holloway, LLC, for any bikers involved in a wreck. 

-Cody Giese

When my husband passed away unexpectedly, I had to obtain Mr. Dougherty’s services in which to settle a claim. His legal expertise and skills in obtaining thorough and detailed information in which to justify my claim resulted in a satisfactory settlement. Without Mr. Dougherty’s assistance, I would not have received full compensation. I truly appreciate the dedication and persistence that he possessed in helping me with this situation. 

-Patricia Gerdts

I have a great amount of confidence in my lawyer and friend, Phil Holloway. I was involved in a severe accident while at work. The thought of sorting through all the confusion related to medical care, bills, and a Workers Compensation claim was overwhelming. I hired Mr. Holloway to help me and my wife understand the process and piece our live back together after my serious injury. We thought that we were limited to only pursuing a Work Comp claim. Phil was able to take a recent change in the law and pursue a bodily injury claim in addition to the work claim. He was able to collect a substantial recovery for my family. I was impressed with Phil’s knowledge of the law and his ability to take a complex case and make it understandable to me and my wife. We were in constant communication throughout my claim and I greatly appreciated his attention to detail. I won’t hesitate to recommend Phil and his firm to anyone that may need a personal injury attorney. 

-Jonathan Christiano

Mr. Ed Dougherty in my book is a rare attorney. He is very personable, real easy to talk to (doesn’t talk above your head, so to speak). He listens to you, he is real, he has life experiences that makes him relatable to everyone. He will explain and make sure you know exactly what is going on and how he intends to handle your case. Ed and his staff are very friendly, easy to get ahold of and are very prompt at returning calls and messages. They are very thorough at what they do, no stone goes unturned. I have had many occasions where I have used other attorneys for small things. My experiences have been mixed. Mr. Dougherty represented me in the first major case I have ever been involved in. All I can say is that Ed took very good care of my case, walked me through it all. To sum it up, everything was just as we agreed the first day we talked. Trust me, if I ever have an occasion where I need an attorney, Ed Dougherty will be the first one I call. 

-Randy Lankford

I contacted Ed Dougherty’s office after a long hassle with my insurance company. My children and I were in a motor vehicle accident which left us stranded nine hours from home while returning from a vacation. The insurance company for the driver who caused the wreck offered the bare minimum. My children and I suffered back and neck injuries. Mr. Dougherty impressed me on my initial call, by answering the phone himself on a Friday evening. He was very thorough, reading my health insurance policy as well as car insurance policy, and obtaining all the medical records to have a solid foundation for building my case. We ended up with a settlement multiple times more than the company had originally offered me. Because I am a career woman and mother of three, I especially appreciated the office’s flexibility to handle matters by email, phone and regular mail, allowing me not to miss work while they prepared the case. When we did have to go to the office, Mr. Dougherty was quite diverse in instructing my children in a range of age from 21 to 17 to 13 year old through the deposition process. He also convinced me to file a claim against my own insurance, as my children suffered the type of injury which will continue to be a problem in their adult working life. We obtained a settlement near policy limits. Although the process seemed to take a long time to complete, the fact that he was thorough contributed to the overall time. 

-Tami Collins

When my 33-year-old husband suddenly died of a heart attack after being seen in a local clinic with chest pains on the morning of his death, I knew it was wrong, but I also knew that I needed legal help. I wanted not only a good lawyer, but one who was moral and honest.

Through a friend at church, I spoke with a lawyer in Kansas City and told him what I needed. This lawyer told me that I should hire Ed Dougherty, and that’s what I did. Even though his office was hours from my home, he worked with me as if he officed in our small town. Mr. Dougherty and Mr. Holloway worked on our case aggressively, always returned my phone calls and always helped me understand every aspect of the death case against the health care provider. Ultimately, we were able to settle the case so that I and my children would be well taken care of. Not only were Mr. Dougherty and Mr. Holloway excellent lawyers, but they showed me compassion and gave me guidance beyond what I would expect from a lawyer and I truly believe that they cared about what happened to me and my family. If you want an excellent trial lawyer, but also want someone who will care about you, I suggest you talk to Ed Dougherty and Phil Holloway. 

-Rhonda Kelley
Hartville, MO

Right after I suffered a head injury in a fall at one of the local casinos, I hired a lawyer that a friend referred me to because I thought one lawyer was as good as another. Soon I learned otherwise. It wasn’t until the neuropsychologist I was seeing referred me to Ed Dougherty that I learned the importance of years of experience and expertise in a lawyer handling this kind of case. Since the settlement of my case by Mr. Dougherty, I have referred and continue to refer all other accident victims that I can to Ed Dougherty because I know he will handle their case with experience and expertise, and will treat them right, just as he did for me.

-Gary Staples
Independence, MO

I always felt very capable of handling my own affairs, and if need be, negotiating disputes. I felt the same way when the semi-truck ran the traffic light and hit me in St. Joseph a few years ago. I had a substantial back injury, but I thought that I could work it out with the trucking company and its insurance company.

I was wrong. Not only did the trucker and his company claim that the accident was partially my fault, also, they wanted to pay very little compensation for my injuries. Thankfully, I got Ed Dougherty involved, and although it took the filing of a lawsuit, the trucking company and its insurer finally saw the light. If I had another claim with a trucking company or insurance company, I wouldn’t waste my time trying to get them to be reasonable. I would just pick up the phone and call Ed Dougherty at Dougherty & Holloway, and let him take it from there. Mr. Dougherty and his office were always helpful and courteous, and Mr. Dougherty returned my calls the same day. I highly recommend Ed Dougherty as an attorney.  

-Ann Fisher
St. Joseph, MO