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Explosions involving inflammable material or heavy impact often lead to serious personal injuries to victims including Second Degree or Third Degree Burns. Not only is the pain intolerable, but could also lead to internal organ damage due to severe pain under which the brain stops responding to these organs.

Even if one is able to survive the pain, treatment for the burns as well as skin grafting and special garments compound the victim’s sufferings. Then, scarring and disfigurement await the victim at the end of the process.

At our firm, we recognize the devastating impact of burn injuries from a variety of causes. Our firm is successfully handling cases that involve the following cases of burns and explosions:

  • Propane gas explosions

  • Vehicle explosions/fires

  • Chemical explosions and burns

  • Ignition of clothing, including child’s sleepwear

  • Construction explosions involving methane gas

  • Propane Gas Explosions: Propane gas is used in fewer homes than natural gas, yet it accounts for almost the same number of accidents every year in the USA. Most of these accidents occur due to leakage of tank or distribution system, which shows the negligence of propane gas providers and tank manufacturers.

The law office of Dougherty & Holloway, LLC has supported many propane gas explosion victims who suffered from severe burns, disfigurement, and permanent disabilities that require millions of dollars in terms of medical and recovery costs. 

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Vehicle Explosions/Fires

In the USA, approximately 1 out of 8 fire deaths result from motor vehicle explosions or fires. It is often due to faulty manufacturer design, road defects, or accidents due to negligence of the other driver.

The law office of Dougherty & Holloway, LLC provide FREE CONSULTATION to the victims and their families. We thoroughly analyze their case, find the cause and assist them in getting the right compensation from the defendant.

Chemical Explosions and Burns

Chemical Accidents occur when the human skin comes in contact with dangerous acids and alkalis. The majority of these cases occur due to product failure, insufficient consumer information, and/or negligence.

The law allows compensation to the burn victims for medical expenses, loss of wages, and disfigurement and covers emotional and physical loss as well. But to prove your stand, you need the assistance of an expert attorney who can take up your case with the court and provide you the justice.

Contact Dougherty & Holloway, LLC for our personal injury attorneys who are experienced in providing relief to Chemical Explosions and Burns victims. Our attorneys strongly present your case and provide you financial relief that you require so badly in these difficult times.

Negligence Covered by Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In most states, a co-worker cannot be held responsible for injuring a fellow worker even if the co-worker is negligent or reckless. However, there may still be a legal means of collecting monetary damages if caused by a car wreck. Depending on the policy language, it could be that there is coverage under the victim’s personal uninsured motorist coverage and/or the employer’s car insurance policy. Here is the case I just settled.

Catastrophic Injury by Co-Worker

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