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Hit by A Tow Truck, Got Settlement

Dougherty & Holloway Jan. 14, 2015

Anthony Parra was on the sidewalk minding his own business one minute, and the next minute, found himself laying on the sidewalk after being hit by a tow truck.

According to plaintiffs’ attorney Danny Thomas, of Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, Errick Martin, a tow truck driver, reached down to get some tools that had rolled out from under his seat. Martin swerved suddenly, running up on the curb and hitting Mr. Parra. Parra alleged that Class Tow Services did not perform a background check on Martin or properly train him.

A lawsuit was filed in Jackson County Circuit Court, and a $300,000 settlement was reached in the case. The case settled for policy limits, which did not cover Parra’s damages, according to Thomas.

James Cramer, Payne & Jones, Overland Park, Kansas, attorney for the defense, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.