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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Dougherty & Holloway Nov. 24, 2014

Wear a motorcycle helmet certified to FMVSS No. 218 whenever you ride. Have an additional certified helmet available if you plan on having a passenger.

Remember, if your face is not covered, it is not protected. A complete facial helmet provides protection for the head and face and oftentimes includes a shield that is not provided by smaller or open-face helmets.

Wear high-visibility protective gear. High-visibility gear enables other drivers and motorcyclists to see you from a greater distance and in inclement driving conditions. Protective gear—including jackets, pants, boots and gloves—ranges in type, and level, of protection.

Take a motorcycle safety training course to gain the essential skills, knowledge, and behavior to be a proficient motorcycle operator. Consider taking a refresher course or a specialty riding course even if you are an experienced rider, to make your safety a lifelong priority.

If you plan to drink alcohol, make plans ahead of time for another, sober motorcycle operator to drive your motorcycle, or leave your motorcycle somewhere safe.

Always follow traffic laws so that your driving behavior is predictable to other vehicle drivers.